Beltway Driving Academy is taking steps to mitigate the risk of Corona Virus exposure to our students and parents. To this end, we will restrict the enrollment size of our in-person class sizes to 15 students per class and our online classes will remain at 20 per class. We have sanitized our entire office, classroom environment and cars with Clorox Wipes. All classrooms will be wiped down with Clorox Wipes before and after each classroom session. Students are encouraged to bring key-chain size hand sanitizer to class with them. In addition to sanitizing the environment; we will carry-out the following:
• Students will be assigned the same seat during the entire two-week period of Driver Education.
• Students will be given their own book and pen-set for the duration of the two weeks.
• Classroom desks will be spaced further apart to encourage a modified version of social distancing (3 ft).

Please note, if you or your family member has been in close contact with anyone effected, quarantine or isolated by the Corona Virus DO NOT attend this class.